Ososis: Concentration and Sucrose Solution Essay

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Evaluation of Procedure
In my investigation the first problem was the volume of the pipette used was too small, that at first the solution did not cover the potato. I therefore used 50 ml of solution to make sure it covered the potato fully. However I did not use a pipette which means that the amount of solution that was previously poured in was not accurately measured. To improve my investigation in the future I will use a measuring cylinder to make sure that I use sufficient liquid in my investigation and it measures it correctly.

The second problem was the drying period because I didn’t time how long the potato dried without the tissue this caused limitation because the potato will have water around it if you don’t dry it properly. To improve my investigation I will make sure I will I dry the potatoes correctly by timing each potato for 3 minutes by using the same size and type of paper towel to make it a fair test
My final problem was the age and type of potato this caused problems as there were different potatoes with different weights possible because of the age the older the potato is the less water they contain and more sugar will increase their mass. To identify the age and different variety potatoes I will check labels of packets the potatoes came from

Evaluation of data
From my data I do have some outliers they are 0.8m and 1m.They are outliers because these points are not on the line of best fit. The differences in mass were -0.33g and -0.08g in sucrose solution. These had a large range bar because in the experiment something went wrong see earlier for my explanation and procedure .The results I obtained were also repeatable because the range bars were small as you can see from my graph for 0.4m because difference was 0.08 this means my data is repeatable
Evaluation of secondary data
The data from the beetroot cells shows the effects of sucrose concentration of water loss, the data as the concentration of sucrose solution increases the percentage of cells decrease the number of grams is sucrose in 1 litre. The data supports as it shows the different sugar solution on the beetroot tissue.
The second bit of the information shows a simple food dye and the time taken for diffusion of the dye into the cells in seconds. The data supports my information as it shows as the temperature decreases the time taken for diffusion increases this is an extension
The third piece of…