Osteoarthritis: Joints and Bone Disease Essay

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Is bone death caused by poor blood supply to the area. Most common in the hip and shoulder, but can affect other large joints such as knee, elbow, wrist and ankle.

Osteonecrosis occurs when part of the bone does not get blood and dies. Afterward the bone eventually can collapse, and if the condition are not treated, the joint will deteriorate.

Osteonecrosis can be caused by disease, or a severe trauma, such as break or dislocation, that affects the blood supply to the bone. The disease can affect men and women of any age, but it usually strikes in your thirties, forties or fifties.

These may cause osteonecrosis:
Long-term treatments with steroids
Excessive alcohol use; alcohol abuse
Sickle cell disease
Radiation therapy
Gaucher’s disease
Decompression sickness from a lot of deep sea diving
Dislocation or fractures around a joint
Blocked of blood vessels
Increase pressure in the bone

Disease that may associated with the development of this condition:

There are no symptoms in the early stage of osteoarthritis, only when the damage become worsens, you could have these symptoms:
Pain in the joint that may increase over time, and will become very severe if the bone collapses
Pain that occurs even at rest
Limited range of motion
Groin pain, if the hip joint is affected
Limping, if the condition occurs in or below the hips
Having certain diseases, such as arthritis and cancer

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