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The Otero Family Assignment
Marife Alston­Torres

Part A:
The purpose of the table below is to identify the various individuals and organizations that contributed to the eventual collapse of the Otero family. Individuals,
Nature of Contact Job Description

Evaluation of Job Performance

School Attendance

First came into contact with Otero’s after their initial move to New York.
Required to investigate why the children were not attending school.

Responsible for ensuring that the
Otero children were attending school and living in a healthy home environment. Seemed to be concerned about the conditions in which the Otero children were living, and with the state of Maria’s mental health. Should be commended for calling Jesus and encouraging
Maria to seek help for her initial condition.

Doctor From Medical

Met the Otero’s under the circumstances of
Maria’s difficulty breathing. Responsible for diagnosing Maria’s condition and determining the current state of her health

Unfortunately, this doctor could not speak
Spanish, therefore, he was not able to make a personal connection with his patient in order to treat her properly. He also noted that Maria may be suffering from a possible “anxiety reaction”, however, he did not take the steps to follow up with that suspicion. At most, he only scheduled
Maria for urine and blood tests.

Surgical Resident from

Came in contact with Otero’s after
Maria’s first break­down Responsible for diagnosing why
Maria was having difficulty breathing

This doctor was able to communicate with Maria in spanish and therefore obtained a much beter understanding of her mental state. Which, he determined, was not entirely sound. However, he was not able to properly diagnose her because he was not a psychiatrist. Doing the right thing, he referred the Otero’s to a mental health clinic.

Psychiatrist from Clinic

Met the Otero’s after they were referred to him following Maria’s break­down Responsible for determining what was causing
Maria’s anxiety

This doctor was able to diagnose Maria with an
“acute schizophrenic reaction” due to culture shock. This was very important in terms of evaluating what kind of help Maria needed. After determining that she was unstable, he was the doctor who suggested she be hospitalized

Social Worker from

Was referred to the
Otero family after
Jesus was having

Responsible for helping Jesus to find domestic

This social worked was unsuccessful at finding any kind of assistance for Jesus with the children.
Although she offered to personally step in and

difficulty finding help with the children, post

help/ help with supervising the
Otero children while Maria was away. watch the children for a short period of time, her assistance was very short­lived. What would have been helpful for the Otero’s was if she had provided alternatives for Jesus in terms of supervision for the children. However, it seems once the job could not be immediately solved she stepped out fo the picture. And it was not stated that she frequently checked up on the Otero family for any improvements on their state of affairs.

Judge Working on Julio's Came in contact
with the Otero family after Julio's run­ins with the law. Responsible for ensuring that Julio would not get into any more legal trouble and refrain from committing any more illegal acts

Ordered that Juilio be remanded into a state training school after his second charge. However,
Julion should have been on probation or some other form of intervention. This is because he would have been able to live in his environment
(which he would be more comfortable in, rather than a foreign institution)

The State Training

Attended by Julio after the Judge ordered him to do