Othello and Odin Essay

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Trey Murphy Sept 25 2014 Oral and Written expressions English 102 Compare and Contrast
The Shakespearean play Othello and the movie "O" are similar in many ways. "O" is basically based on Othello.The play "Othello" was about a noble Moor, Othello that was in love with a woman named Desdemona. In the Movie "O" the characters name is Odin and that are similar in many ways. Odin is a superstar basketball player that is best friends with Hugo. They play on the same basketball team and Odin is the only black student at his school. In the play "Othello" he is the only black person around that is noble.
Although the characters are not the same, their names are very similar. In Shakespeare the main character's name is Othello, and in "O" the main character's name is Odin James. Othello's lieutenant, Cassio, is named Mike in "O." Iago's name is Hugo, Desdemona's name is Desi, Roderigo's name is Roger, Emilia's name is Em, Bianca's name is Brandy and Desdemona's father's name is Duke or Brable.
This is one of the similarities that the play and the movie have. Another similarity is that Othello promotes Cassio instead of Iago due to his breeding. In the movie Odin wants to share his most valuable player award with someone else besides Hugo. In both the play and the movie Iago/Hugo gets extremely upset with Othello/Odin and this starts the hatred towards Othello/Odin. Jealousy drives Iago to plot against Othello and Hugo to plot against Odin. In Othello, Iago jealousy and urge for revenge comes from the disbelieve that a color person, Othello, is actually having a higher rank in the society then him and the fact that Othello promote Cassio over himself as a high-ranking lieutenant. Throughout the play, Iago is constantly feeding jealousy thought to different characters to have them works for him. He feed the idea that Desdemona could be his if Rodrigo join him on his plot. Iago is trying to make Othello jealous and rage by feeding him thought that Desdemona was in bed with Cassio which uprooting the jealous thought within him and eventually lead to his downfall.
Similarly In the film, “O,” Odin was the only color person within that social group. Odin is characterized as popular and