Reflection On Iago

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Reflections on Character-Iago
Although he is very clever in the way that he can manipulate people according to their desires and talented at knowing people’s flaws, seems to be missing the point of his own flaw of jealousy and being easily influenced by rumours just like Othello-His jealousy from Cassio’s position as lieutenant and believing straight away like Othello without “ocular proof” that his wife is cheating on him.
• Because of this he doesn’t seem to be very self-confident in himself.
Also I think to myself and ask if Iago is a coward, manipulating Roderigo to do his dirty work such as telling Brabantio and killing Cassio for him, also the fact that he killed his own wife to stop her from revealing his sins, yet, his is brave enough to have the thought of killing a general and bringing Othello’s downfall. Also stabbing his wife from behind.
It is a hot discussion on whether Iago is homosexual seeing that he is very happy in breaking up the marriage of Desdemona and Othello and often says “My lord, you know, I love you” to Othello. However the way I see it, he doesn’t really seem to be in love with Othello at all. I mean if you were in love in someone you would want them to live happily right? But in the case of Iago, he just wants Othello to be dead; however could it be that he didn’t have as much control over the events of the revenge as perceived? Having said that he would see where his plots will put him. After all, if he knew where his revenge would take