Essay about Othello: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Sergeant Major Morris

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Representation of femininity in gothic literature Gothic literature refers to a mood of fiction dealing with supernatural or horrifying events, where women expose themselves to fears and stress more powerful than they are, so they feel overwhelmed. They usually experience the love but it was the dark side of it. William Faulkner is the author of “A Rose for Emily”, is an example of gothic literature. Emily Grierson was the protagonist of the story so has the damsel distress. When Emily’s father passes away everybody in town thinks she would be better after his death but as time passes by she’s getting worse because she thinks “her father was not dead”(3). This is an example that Emily was doing crazy thing, to let the people in town to concern about herself. But thing started to change because she had fall in love for this “foreman named Homer Barron” (4), but the people in town thinks that would be a good thing for her, if she had someone on her side fight the stress with her stress. Her lover had disappear, no one knows what happen, “and that was the last time we saw Homer Barron” (6). Emily was helpless her father pass away, her lover who disappear, it was harder for her now to become that woman she was before to be dependent, not to be in a dark shadow where she feel lonely. this is an example of gothic literature, miss emily never have the ability to fight her own fear, she let her passed bring her down. Didn’t have the consistent to change it, but in our society it’s very hard to have someone forget their past in order to change their life. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the author of “the yellow wallpaper”. the narrator suffer mental illness her husband believed is a temporary nervous depression, jane’s husband knows has a physician. he think that in order for her to rest she need to be in a separated room, she wasn't comfortable, but she always obey her husband decisions because he was a physician. the room that was picked for by her husband was cover with “the yellow wallpaper”, time passed by and she start to heard noise behind the wall. husband himself didn’t respect her call her “little girl”(10). this lead us that the narrator was not getting any support from her husband. she think there is a woman trapped behind “the yellow wallpaper” and she had become obsessed by this room, she begins to tracing pattern on the wallpaper soon becomes convinced that there is a woman trapped within the paper. long she live the house she decides that the woman must be free by stripping the wallpaper off. has her husband work into the room and say something in a fear way that she is free now.she didn’t rather be herself instead let her husband control her, she didn’t get any love from him, she was ignorance by her own husband and left on a room by herself where she believe there is a woman trapped behind “the yellow wallpaper”. this is an example of gothic literature where she was horrifying by her own depression didn’t have the courage to tell her husband that she wasn’t comfortable in that room,by her own thought