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Essay Question – “Composers use their texts to reflect life and humanity, and as conflict is very much a part of life, their text often focuses on conflict and it’s consequences.

Conflict is defined as a disagreement or controversy from differing ideas, opinions, morals etc. The play Othello by William Shakespeare and the painting Stolen Generation by Delisa McCormack, demonstrates conflict and its consequences. In the play Othello, the main instigator of conflict was Iago who sabotaged Othello with the help of unsuspecting Rodrigo, Emilia and Cassio. Brabrantio’s racist views of the Moor and Othello’s insecurity and jealousy of Desdemona’s supposed love for Cassio also demonstrates conflict in the play. As a result Othello murders Desdemona and them himself demonstrating the consequences of conflict.

Iago presents to the audience strong hatred for Othello. He directly states ‘I hate the Moor.’ He also confesses to possessing jealousy of Cassio because he was awarded officer when Iago believed he was more worthy of the position suggesting this is one of his reasons for hating the moor. It is also implied that Iago hates Othello because he believes the Moor slept with Emilia even though there is no evidence to show this to be true. This proves that Iago’s hatred is unjustified and he is searching for a reason to hate the Moor. ‘I know not if’t be true Yet I, for mere suspicion in that kind, Will do as it for surety. (Act 1 scene 3 line 379-380) Iago’s animosity for Othello resulted in him committing ugly offences that were undeserved by the characters.

Iago is seen as a trustworthy, high morale person by most of the characters in the play. Othello often addresses him as honest. ‘Iago is most honest’ which is a demonstration of dramatic irony, providing the audience with a separate meaning to the text. By having this favorable reputation, Iago is able to easily manipulate Roderigo, Cassio and Emilia. Rodrigo helps with his master plan because of his love for Desdomona and is also trusting of Iago. Cassio’s gullible nature makes him an easy target for Roderigo to provoke conflict with Cassio making it look as if Desdomona was unfaithful with him. Emilia unwittingly assisted being unclear of her husband’s intentions when he told her to steal Desdomona’s handkerchief, which she later discovered to be part of his plot to destroy Othello.

Desdomona’s strong love for Othello caused conflict in the play. She was always completely loyal to Othello and when he doubted her because of the missing handkerchief, which had ironically been dropped because her attention was on Othello she still believed he loved her. This demonstrates her innocence. Even after Othello had attempted to murder her when she briefly arose she said ‘commend me to my kind lord’ showing her loyalty to Othello even when he had been the cause of her death. She was also asked by Emilia who was to be blamed for her suffering and she answered it was her own fault, even though it clearly was not. This proves her to be a forgiving character or possibly gullible because she believed she brought her fait upon herself. opposite

The character Emilia is a very strong, moral person. She was faithful to Iago and very protective of