Othello Essay

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Othello Essay
If someone possessed zero character flaws they would live forever.
Othello written by William Shakespeare is the general of the Venetian army. Iago is a friend of Othello he is also in the army. Othello promotes
Michael Cassio to first Lieutenant, Iago becomes extremely jealous feeling he is more deserving of the position. Iago begins an evil and malicious plan towards Othello. Iago convinces Othello that his wife
Desdemona is cheating on him with Michael Cassio. Othello becomes suspicious without any real proof of the situation. Othello tells Iago he plans to kill Desdemona, he eventually smothers her to death. Many murders ensue Iago kills Roderigo, and Emilia, also Othello kills himself.
Othello’s character flaws are his gullibility, and his anger, which lead him to his downfall.Desdemona’s downfall is brought on by her naive personality. Cassio’s intemperate personality leads to his downfall.
Character flaws are the stepping stones that lead characters to their downfall. Othello’s character flaws are his gullibility, and his anger, which lead him to his downfall. Throughout the play Othello is manipulated by
Iago. Iago convinces him that his wife Desdemona is cheating on him, but
Iago never shows Othello valid proof and he slithers his way around it with his manipulation tactics. Iago convinces Othello that Cassio talked about
Desdemona in his sleep, Iago claims that he was sharing a bed with him and he spoke of their intimacy. Othello becomes very angry when he hears about this. “I’ll tear her to pieces” (III, iii, 439) this shows how gullible Othello is without any real proof he is prepared to harm his wife. Another one of Othello’s flaws are his anger issues.

Throughout the play Othello loses his temper, mostly at the thought of
Desdemona being with Cassio. Moments before Othello smothers
Desdemona to her death he says “down strumpet” (V, ii, 89) and wrestles her to the ground. Othello’s anger causes him to kill his wife unjustly and think irrationally. Othello’s gullibility and anger cause his downfall. Desdemona’s downfall is brought on by her naive personality.
In the beginning of the play she is swept off her feet by Othello’s stories, without knowing enough information about him, like his anger issues that eventually lead her to her death. She gives up everything and immediately ties herself to Othello. “my hearts subdued even to the very quality of my lord” (I, iii, 245­246) Desdemona says she threw her old life away violently to be with Othello, This shows her naive behaviour because she gives her life away to be with Othello. Another example of
Desdemona being naive is when she asks Iago how to get Othello to love her again when Iago is the reason Othello does not love her in the first place. “Alas Iago, What shall I do to win my lord again? Good friend, go to him. For, by this light of heaven, I know not how I lost him.” (IV, ii
155­158). She turns to the wrong person for help. Desdemona show’s her naive tendencies by putting her trust in the wrong people throughout the