Othello: Kill and Robert Browning Essay

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As I began reading the poems, I tried to keep in mind the stories of the longer works. Once I read Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess” I knew it was perfect to compare to the play Othello. This was first made apparent when the narrator of the poem hints to the reader that his late wife had an affair with the painter of the portrait the Duke and his guest are looking at. Not surprisingly, a few lines later we discover that the Duke (the narrator) kills his wife for her infidelity. That set off a trigger in my mind…Othello killed Desdemona because was led to believe that she was unfaithful, as well. Both men seemed to be filled with passion and anger that they would go as far as killing their loves. A less noticeable similarity, is both tales dealt with men in high societal rankings. Othello was a renown Venetian general and the narrator of the poem was an Italian Duke. This is important to note because it is generally a quality of a tragic hero…yet I don’t think you can really consider the Duke to be in that category. Another minute likeness of the two works is the fact that both were set in Italy. I personally don’t know of any motive Shakespeare might have had for choosing this setting, but I do know that Robert Browning was particularly fond of Italy and that many of his poems depict his favor.

While there are blatant similarities between the two works there are also palpable differences. In regards the the women who were killed by their husbands, the Duchess was known for her unfaithfulness with several men. However, Desdemona was not in fact…