Othello Movie Vs Play Analysis

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Shakespeare, a well-known poet and playwright, wrote many plays. Many of the plays he wrote have been turned into live action films, varying in settings and scripts. In 1604 Shakespeare wrote a play titled Othello. In 2001 there was a movie made that was based on this play, titled O. This movie takes a modern spin on the classic play. The plot of the play was mostly all there in the movie, including the deaths of the cast, however; there are some key differences. There’s a presence of drug abuse in the movie that was not there in the play, the settings are drastically different, and the play of power switches between the play and the movie. In the original play of Othello there was no mention of drug abuse, however; in the movie there is a strong basis for abuse. Odin, the character in the movie based off of Othello, is a cocaine user, steroids, and alcohol. Odin did drugs as often as he breathed oxygen. When he used them he would start talking about his frustrations. When Odin threatens Hugo, the character based off of Iago, Odin recently used drugs. This could be a reason why his anger was heightened. In the play, Othello was simply an angry man. You could read how his anger just began to tick. After each scene you could see his fuse blow easier each time. Though he was angry, …show more content…
In the play Othello had quite a bit of control and power, such as determining who his second in command would be. He determined where people went and Othello had a say in many things. In the movie, however, Hugo had the play in power. Iago was a manipulative man as well, but he did not have as much power as Othello. Hugo, on the other hand, has a bit more power over manipulating things precisely in the right way. Such as giving a watch away to obtain a gun, also convincing high schoolers to kill each other. Hugo used his words to get what he wanted, which made his words much louder than his