Othello: Othello and Desdemona Essay

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Othello: My beautiful warrior.

Desdemona: My dear Othello!

Othello: I’m amazed you got here before me. But I’m overjoyed my love, if the calm after the storm could always be this wonderful, I’d want the wind to blow until it woke the dead and whipped up waves as tall as mountains! If I died right now I’d be completely happy, since Ill probably never be as happy as this again in my life.

Desdemona: I pray to God our love and our happiness will increase as we get older.

Othello: Amen to that! I can’t talk about my happiness anymore. It’s too much. I hope these kisses Im about to give you are the closest we ever come to fighting.

Iago: (to himself) Your happiness wont last long. You’ll regret this trust you have in me.

Othello: Lets go get some food. The war is over and the Turks are drowned. How are my homies from this island doing? I’m blabbing because Im so happy man. Iago, could you please get my bags out the car? Also bring the taxi driver. He’s a good man.
Lets go Desdemona.

Othello, Desdemona and attendants exit.

Iago: If you think you’re brave do as I say. Cassio is on guard duty tonight, but be aware Desdemona is completely in love with him.

Roderigo: With Cassio? That’s impossible!

Iago: Shut up. Don’t you remember how she fell for the moor? How he bragged and made up stories? That chattering wont hold her interest forever. She wants a stud and Othello is most definitely not that. Sex with him would get boring, she needs someone closer in age that acts like her to keep it interesting. She’ll eventually get sick of him and look for a new man. Now who’s in better position than Cassio to steal her heart! No one! He’s smooth, crafty, well mannered, and quite the looker. Desdemona already has her eye on him.

Roderigo: There is now way?!?! She’s not that kind of woman. She’s very moral.

Iago: Like hell she is! She’s human just like you and I. Didn’t you see her and Cassio all over each