Essay about Othello: Personal Flotation Device and Pi

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Chapter 94[->0]

In this chapter Pi and Richard finally reach Mexico and when 6 or 7 poor people find him they bathe him and feed him and then take him to the hospital to nurture him.

Chapter 93[->1]

In this chapter Pi states that the rest of his story is nothing but grief , ache and endurance.

Chapter 92[->2]

In this chapter Pi and Richard arrive on an island made entirely of plant mass. There is only green, which Pi finds soothing as his favorite color but Pi thinks it to be an illusion until he steps on it and smells the plants. He falls to the ground and decides to taste the algae, it has a sugary coating and salty coating inside. Richard Parker also leaves the boat, Pi if afraid of the tiger claiming the island as his own, Pi returns to the boat after eating and resting.The next day, the two return to the island and eat again. After Pi returns to the boat, Richard Parker comes charging at him. He tries to stop him with the whistle, but the discomfort of the tiger forces him into the water where he swims toward the boat instead. Pi attempts walking for the first time again and they are feeling much healthier. After another day, Pi decides to explore the island a bit, seeing all kinds of ponds, trees and thousands of tiny meerkats. The meerkats are huddled around a pond snagging fish from below and Pi soon joins them by soaking the fresh water of the pond. After a few more days, Pi cleans out the lifeboat and explores the island more. He decides it must about 7 miles long and 20 miles around. As time passes, the two regain much of their health and strength. With the tiger regaining so much strength, Pi decides to resume training to keep him safe. He teaches the tiger how to jump through hoops, In the morning all of the furry little creatures crawl off of him and head for the ponds. He eventually brings supplies and continues sleeping in the trees, enjoying the meerkats’ company. One night, he notices a dead fish in the pond that causes the meerkats to yell. In the morning the dead fish is gone. Pi finds that the island may be carnivorous with a tree that holds a human tooth. He tests this by dropping a meerkat onto the algae at night and watching it scurry back up the tree. He decides that the island emits some kind of acid at night to digest whatever is still on it. It’s time to leave the island. When he leaves, he brings a plentiful supply of water, meerkats, and fish as well as some of the algae (though it dissolves at night in the acid). He waits for Richard Parker and when the tiger returns sets back out to wander the sea in his boat.

Chapter 91[->3]

In this chapter Pi says that he climbed on this brothers boat and eas and drinks everything on it. then after 2 days Pi's sight comes back and he sees his brothers tourso and his broken ribs every where. Pi prays for his soul everyday.

Chapter 90[->4]

In this chapter Pi explains how Richard Parker became blind and how Pi examined Richard Parker up close without Richard feeling anything. Also PI explained how he went blind and that the day he went blind his extreme suffering began. As the days went on Pi Heard some one constantly say " Is someone there?" It was a person that kept talking about food until pi fell asleep. When Pi woke up he hear another man who was blind like Pi and Richard Parker. Pi also finds out that the blind man had killed a man and a woman. Later on Pi and the blind man tried to trade a boot( they tried to trade it to eat it). After a while it turned out that the blind man was his brother. As soon as Pi's brother steped on the boat Richard attacked Pi's brother and ate him. Pi never got to see his brother and was now alone again.

Chapter 89[->5]

In this chapter everything that Pi has gathered is quickly breaking apart. His life vests have turned white, and the sun has even destroyed how everything smells. Richard Parker is emaciated in the same manner as Pi and his pen finally runs out, ending his journal entries. That