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The essence of strong characters that of tragedy, is often brought about through their harmtia.
Insecurity is evident through the protagonist Othello in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. The concept of his fatal flaw is understood by Iago’s manipulative schemes, using Cassio, Emilia and Desdemona, as an outcome of becoming jealous. “Do suspect the lusty Moor has leaped into my seat” Act 2, Scene 1. These characters are helping Iago, destroy Othello’s trust because of the different ranks that they compose. Othello’s catharsis started from being a strong amazing soldier into a miserable general, he was a genuinely a good man with a distinct weakness of foolishness.

Trust is a factor thoroughly incorporated within the play along with sexism among the society where Othello would trust Iago more than his own wife. “Honest Iago, that look'st dead with grieving, Speak, who began this? On thy love, I charge thee.” – Act 2, Scene 3. But Othello actually has no choice but to trust Iago because he goes to war with him, he had to believe in him with his life many times.

Othello struggles throughout the play with trusting the wrong people and giving into their lies as a result he was in secured about his relationship, unsure whether Cassio and Desdemona having an affair. “I do not think but Desdemona's honest.” Act 3, Scene 2. He describes Iago as honest and yet thinks Desdemona is unfaithful. Othello trusts the wrong people and mistrusts those who are most loyal to him such as Desdemona and Cassio. He is senseless and being a victim of circumstances and poor decision making. Othello's anxiety causes him to question Emilia regarding his wife's loyalty, and he asks her, "'You have seen nothing then?” - Act 4, Scene 2.

“The Moor” – Act 1, Scene 1. Is thrust into a country, called Venice dealing with constant judgmental people becoming nothing more but an outsider. Iago, being aware of this status manipulates this, causing Othello to develop into a jealous man but without that emotion he cannot become in secured where he is vulnerable to Iago's deception.