Other Ways to Learn More About Careers Essay

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Other Ways to Learn More about Career Fields
In my past personal experiences within the professions of the finance world, I have had the opportunity to work alongside a few individuals that hold the position I desire. They have given me a many great advice to apply to the various tasks I have accomplished. Obtaining useful information from others who have long since succeeded in my field of interest is definitely of high value. It is beneficial to learn about the challenges that coincide with becoming a Certified Public Accountant in addition to those hurdles met as experience is gained. Informational interviews provide a great deal of insight to help prepare for not only acquiring the position but achieving all goals using the highest potential.
It is really a simple task to conduct these interviews when the level of determination and desire is so great. I recently interviewed Richard Frasier, CPA while working as a finance manager for an assisted living facility. While he shared the various ins and outs of the business, he enlightened me with regards to the benefits and rewards that one would gain in his position. By performing this interview I have enabled myself to network with others and have also grown a firm understanding of the road that lies ahead. Informational interviews have allowed me to move forward with great confidence and fortitude to advance towards my career goals.
Although I have not yet volunteered in my particular field of interest, I have