Ottoman Empire and War Essay

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1453- Ottoman conquest of Constantinople ends the Byzantine Empire (Led by Mehmet). The Ottomans had superior weaponry and outnumbered the Byzantine Empire. Janissaries, light cavalry, and a volunteer infantry powered the Ottoman Military along with superior weaponry. The Ottoman Empire conquered Constantinople in 1453. Through expansion into the Balkans and the Mediterranean the Ottoman Empire gained political stability. From a European perspective this event ended the Middle Ages and gave way for the Renaissance.
Warfare- Ottoman Soldiers were equipped with lightweight armor, Menzils (long range bows), and Kilijs (grooved sabers).

1467–1477- Japan- Onin War Onin war struggle between rival heirs of Ashkiga shogunate 1467-1477; led to warfare between rival headquarters and Kyoto and destruction of old capital. The 3 results were- Central government disappeared, the emperor had no power, and Japan was spread out into 250 independent states.
Warfare- Shoguns and Samurais were heavily equipped with iron and leather chest, arm, leg plates. These plates

1492- The Inquisition- Ferdinand V and Isabella defeat Moors, unite Spain. There were many regions stripped from the Monarch/Catholic rule therefore the Inquisition was proposed. Inquisition committee formed by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain in an effort to unite the country under Christianity and to remove Muslims and Jews.
Warfare- Moorish (Islamic Soldiers) were equipped with leather embodied vests, and foot soldiers used daggers while archers had wooden bows and they defended castles during the invasion.

1518- Hernán Cortés begins conquest of Aztecs. This conflict was an effect of the conquests into the new world. The Spaniards waged many battles in order to settle their dominance into the new world.
Warfare- The Conquistadors wore a steel breastplate, leather boots, puffed trousers, and bowl shaped helmets. This equipment allowed them to travel long days in the new world. They were equipped with crossbows, steel lances and swords, and Harquebuses (a sort of early musket). The Conquistador’s enemies, carried Maquahuitls (wooden bats with stone attached), clubs, spears, and slings.

(1618-1648)- Thirty Years’ War Defenestration of Prague begins Thirty Years’ War. France enters Thirty Years’ War with Sweden, against Spain (1635). Thirty Years’ War ends with Treaty of Westphalia. Thirty Years War was within the Holy Roman Empire, between German Protestants and their allies (Sweden, Denmark and France), and the emperor and his ally, Spain; ended in 1648 after great destruction with Treaty of Westphalia.
Warfare- During the Thirty Years’ War, soldiers were equipped with advanced muskets such as the Matchlock Musket, and pistols such as the Wheellock Pistol, which was able to fire rapidly and accurately. Frontline infantry used the Wall Gun" (Doppelhaken), to destroy tower walls quickly. Some of the battles fought in this conflict used advanced naval ships. During this time, more ships were modified with faster and stronger cannons, therefore allowing a great change in vehicular warfare.
(1754-1763)- French and Indian War French and Indian War Was a war fought by French and English on American soil over control of the Ohio River Valley- English defeated French in1763. This established England as number one world power and began to gradually change attitudes of the colonists toward England for the worse.
Warfare- Both soldiers from the French and English side were equipped with the smoothbore musket. The introduction of the bayonet turned all musketeers into pikemen. Generally, in battles, two sides lined up and fired a few volleys at each other before one side charged with bayonets fixed. The English were known for using Tomahawks during this conflict, because it served as an accurate but deadly weapon.

1453- Ottoman conquest of Constantinople ended the Byzantine Empire (Led by Mehmet). The Ottomans had a more powerful weaponry