Ottoman Empire Vs. Mongol Empire In Military And Trade

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Wenjun Zhang, Jan 11th 2015. Ottoman Empire vs. Mongol Empire in Military and Trade.
In “The Turkish Letter, 1555-1562”, Busbecq introduces the Ottoman Janissary, which is the most famous and elite infantry troops of the Ottoman Empire. These Janissaries have strict code of rules of etiquette (including their costume); they are well-trained and have a great consciousness about order, union and loyalty, for instance, even though they are under hunger in war they are still in order and devote themselves to Sultan. Not like the Christian soldiers, no matter how tough and dangerous the campaign’s circumstance is, the patience, self-denial and vigilance of Ottoman Janissaries can always lead them to the final victory.
Comparing the Ottomans with another military power, the Mongols, each empire had their technique to success. Both Ottoman and Mongol armies were in strict training; their well-established organization and discipline are the key factors lead their armies to success. The unique siege tactics and the highly mobile cavalry of the Mongols, which is due to their high quality horses, were their strong weapons. Sometimes they used terror, which was bloodier than what the Ottomans do, to spread their rule. Different from the Mongol armies’ tribalism, Ottoman had a strong slave-based army (Janissaries), which offers protection and loyalty to the Ottomans. Furthermore, they used gunpowder as their weapon.
In addition, both Ottoman and Mongol have great effect on