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Most of our values and attitude develop during childhood.

When a child does something disapproving, it is often said that it is the parent to blame. However, all the fault is not in ones parent. With ones childhood come three main things to that contribute to it: ones parents, ones friends and or peers, and lastly one’s own observations. Although these things contribute, they are not evenly distributed in ones childhood. Parents are ones first teachers. We learn how to interact with people by first interacting s and watching them connect and relate to others. Our parents' reaction to a positive or negative situation is our first exposure to attitudes and how they affect behavior and feelings. Children often imitate their parents and learn from copying the way they speak or interact with other people. As we get older and have more opportunity to interact with people other than our parents and siblings, our attitudes may change with those new relationships. Parents usually notice that their child's attitude changes when they begin school and form new friendships. For most children the first year of school is the first time they are regularly interacting with people other than their parents and in turn will be exposed to other attitudes and personalities. With new friendships comes the desire of children to belong, or fit in with their new peers. As they watch how their friends act towards people and respond in certain situations, children will often alter their own attitudes to be more like their friends. It is natural that a child's attitude will change as a result of new