Essay about Our Exeriences

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Who we are is defined by our experiences, the things that we go through and the choices that we make. That is precisely what makes each of us truly unique. Even though we might live the same events we all respond in an entirely different way. My defining experience was my family moving around during some critical times during which I structured who I am today. I was thirteen years old when my parents decided to leave Egypt and move to the United States to provide a higher quality life for me and my younger sister. This was not the first time my family has moved but this was without a doubt the biggest relocation for me so far. This was not a defining experience for the obvious typical challenges such as language differences, cultural diversities, and leaving your loved ones behind. Although, these were some hard obstacles that my family and I had to overcome there were some personal issues that only I had to deal with. I was just at the beginning of my teenage years which is a hard enough period to go through under normal circumstance let alone in a different country and with no friends. I spoke English but I didn’t speak “American”. I knew the meaning of the words but I didn’t understand them. I simply was an outsider, because I didn’t relate to the culture or the people. I know I am not the only foreign student who struggled trying to adapt in an American high school but I believe that the way I dealt with my struggles is what makes me a unique candidate to attend the…