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Sydney C. Sant
Miss Laura Rosche
English 1101-3187DZ
25 August 2014
Braving the Multitude
“Write one paragraph about yourself and after we will share with the class”. While writing can be enjoyable, the fear of sharing my stories has always been enough to frighten me away from writing more often. In fact, the whole idea of sharing anything during my years in academia strikes a fear in me that was always reinforced by the judgment of others. I always preferred teaching myself the subjects that interested me the most. All because of some nasty people who were rude and cruel. Here I will Address my past relationships with writing, academia, education and explain why I feel they way I do about them.
From personal narratives to factual reports, have always enjoyed the art of transferring thoughts onto paper. I have written countless papers over various topics for each and every class. Although I have always enjoyed writing, I also dread it. Every composition have ever turned it has never been up to par with what my teachers wanted. I always wrote as if it were a book and have struggled with writing by a set form and rules. I have never kept a journal or diary for fear of someone finding and reading it. I have always been judged in an inferior way when it came to my writing.
“You will not be judged” and “There is no wrong answer” are probably two of the biggest lies I have heard right next “Sorry I do not have anymore gum”. Anytime I have had a teacher announce that we will be reading our paper aloud in class I cringe. They always claim that there will be no judgment so; therefore, we have no need to be nervous or afraid. However, every time I was required to share my paper or give my opinion in a group discussion, I am met with nothing but snickering and told I am wrong or stupid. I can honestly say I have never had a class where I felt comfortable sharing anything or even talking aloud at all. For the majority of my academic career everything I said or did was harshly judged. I always did well in school but never actually felt as if I did. Now, apart from the students, I did somewhat enjoy my previous years of school. I have always had amazing teachers and my high school had an out of this world administration! While my peers were constantly being juvenile, cheeky, and vindictive, I knew I could count on the teachers and administration to be uplifting and pleasant. The teachers generally taught their respective subject extremely well with answers ready should any question or confusion arise. Of course, there was always that one teacher that aggravatingly stubborn or cryptic when it came to helping or teaching. Although, we still by the Grace of God managed to do well in those classes. No one has a clue how we managed to get by but we did. We survived.
I have always enjoyed a challenge. So, when I would have trouble figuring out a problem for homework or a project I would ponder about it for quite a bit of time before asking for help. My thought on that is, the more you think about the problem the better you will know what you are doing when you actually solve it. Therefore, when you see a similar one later on it will be all the more effortless to solve. Despite what I said previously about my peers, I did have a few close friends that I could always rely on to be there for me. Most actually did not even go to my school but were friends I had met through my