Our Lady of Czestochowa Essay

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Our Lady Of Czestochowa

I thought this colloquium was very interesting. I had no idea what it was about when I decided to go to it, and it took a few minutes into the presentation for me to fully understand what exactly his story was and why he was there. There was not many students present at the colloquia, it was mostly senior citizens, I wondered why they were all present. The speaker was Marek Czarnecki, a Polish-American liturgical artist and Byzantine iconographer. After he got a little bit into the presentation I became very interested, especially after he has explained that he was an iconographer and had been an art major. I am a graphic design major and I find most things about art and art history very intriguing. I however, am completely oblivious when It comes to iconography. I had no idea the extent to which he iconographers go through to create these religious images. I also very rarely thought about iconography in only a religious sense. As he also pointed out, we often refer to other things as “icons,” such as consumer brands and celebrities. In this sense the word “icon” was being used to refer to works of art that are windows that show us the connection between the material and spiritual world. Not only do these iconographers have to be skilled artistically, but also they have to do extensive research on the topic in which they are creating an icon for, or the saint they are creating an icon of. They must be created within the dogmatic understanding of