Essay about Our Lives are Better with Governments

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Our Lives Are Better With Governments
Chaos, corruption and poverty are all words describing what the lives of citizens would look like if governments ceased to exist. The lives of citizens are better with governments because governments provide support and aid, governments are responsible for financing larger projects, and governments keep order in the country as a whole by passing and enforcing laws. The government provides services available to everyone, which has the potential to save the lives of many citizens compared to if they were left to their own devices. When emergency situations occur and rescue and support are needed, the first thing one would do is call 911 for assistance. Car accidents, terrorist attacks, and house fires are a few prime examples of situations where the governmental services are crucial to be accessible by all citizens. Government emergency services are not only convenient, but are also necessary for citizens in its country. Several large projects and plans that take place in a country that are to everyone’s benefit are organized and collaboratively funded by the government. Taxes that are paid by citizens contribute to the financing of large plans that would not have been created if the government had not chosen to do so. Examples of these projects include water dams, highways and other major transportation methods, and governmental buildings such as hospitals and jails. Money coming solely from the income of citizens of the country would not cover the funding made by the government to organize construction or to erect buildings/projects needed for the benefit of the public. If governments would