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Our main sessions revolved around the exploration of Mark Ravenhill’s Pool (no water). While we explored the play, we also had to take in to consideration the methods and techniques used by our practitioner, Frantic Assembly in order to incorporate them into our practical work. Frantic Assembly is a contemporary theatre company that specializes in physical theatre with the combination of music and set design. A particular approach that stood out for me was the Marcia takedown exercise that we participated in; proposed by Frantic assembly. The first step was the trust exercise where one partner closes their eyes and lets the other partner place their hand on the back of the other partner and leads them around the room using the slightest pressure. I found this technique interesting because at the end of the session, I ended up trusting and willing to let my other peers to lead me whilst having my eyes closed. As the speed increased, it allowed many more opportunity for contact between other individuals. The other portion of the session mainly focused on a warm up exercise named clear the space. This approach helps participants get to grips with the room that they would be working in. It’s also useful in breaking down physical inhibitions ensuring that the participant do not think too deeply about performing the instructions as they come fairly quickly. The session started out with our teacher asking us to walk around the room with increasing speed. When we were familiar