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Dear Gloria Negrete McLeod, As we know, the United States Army Corps’ has started wasteful construction projects that degrade wetland for our black bears in the South. Everyone has said that deforestation is bad and it hurts animals which is correct. I read an article saying that the U.S. Army Corps’ has taken wetland from black bears now, if you look back, deforestation is destroying an animal’s habitat and by the Army taking the wetland isn’t that the same? There is an act called the Water Resources Development Act or (WRDA). It states that the Congress, uses this to tell the Army Corps’ Engineers what and where to build on our landscape. This WRDA includes provisions (Section 2032 & 2033) that would speed up Corps projects by shortening the amount of time available to complete a thorough environmental review of the projects but at the same time it undermines the National Environmental Policy Act or the (NEPA). The NEPA is an environmental review of projects that is essential to ensure that Corps projects benefit the nation rather than waste taxpayer dollars and harm our water resources and wildlife. Most people don’t care why or how many animals and habitats are being destroyed. But there is always hope because nearby someone who hears or their heart is touched by this or bear enthusiast, will come and support as much as I want to. You look on TV and there are commercials on how orangutans are coming closer to extinct and tigers too. So I say to myself well,…