Essay “Our Sense of Self Can Be Challenged by Others”.

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In ever society, our identity is tested by others in attempt to change us. The world around us is forever changing correspondingly it can challenge people to change other people around them. We are all changing the way in which we act, dress and think about the incredible world surrounding us. In recent times, I have found myself in a situation that has challenged my identity and where I feel I belong. Nonetheless there is a sufficient amount of famous children in the media’s eye because of their parent’s actions. It is through this that I can demonstrate sympathy toward these young, scared children.

Today, people are coming up with unconventional nevertheless ridiculous names to call their children. These people are often celebrities who are often looking for a chance to make more money. They put a modern twist on normal names, what ever happened to “James” or “Matthew”? It is now come to names such as “Sunday Rose” and “Apple” that circle the world to hopefully prompt ideas for people. It is these “new” names that will challenge these children in the future. Whether they are too difficult to pronounce or go perfectly with a joke, the parents are setting their child up for a never-ending challenge. More recently was the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby “North” which also circled the globe and within hours the name had created a line of humorous jokes. Despite the name this baby has been welcomed into a family that is consistently in the media meaning that the little “North” will be too.

I have specifically experienced a moment when I felt my sense of self being challenged by others. Not long ago I was invited to my friend’s church for a special service. Not long after I arrived it soon came to my attention I was the only Australian in a room filled with Philippino’s. Trying to look inconspicuous was a hard task when you have skin as pale as a ghost correspondingly when your friend is shouting, “she’s here! She’s here!” Yes, it was hard to conceal myself behind something when I’m so different to everyone surrounding me. From the moment that walked through the doors I was welcomed into a different culture. The service was filled with vibrant clothes and various dances up and down the aisle. It was very different to my typical Sunday service at my Christian church. In the short hour that I was there I was challenged by these people to change my inconspicuous form and be involved in the service. They welcomed me into something that was so very different from my usual perception of church however that was seen as their normal. Being challenged by a particular group may seem like they are trying to change your identity however that particular day my identity wasn’t changed, I was simply welcomed into my friend’s identity.

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