Our world is driven by supply and demand Essay

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Our world is driven by supply and demand. Petrol prices, for example, have recently escalated to high records. Just the other day, it cost my father $120 to fill up the old Toyota. Things just aren’t what they used to be. However, even in the wake of these gigantic inflations, those cute converse shoes remain at a steady price of $85. How? Answer: Child Labour.
Child labour is work undertaken by a child that is harmful to them in some way. The labour could be harmful by making them sick, stopping them from getting an education or damaging them emotionally.
We must ask, how did these children get into the labour? Some are tricked by the factory owners who say that they and their family will get enough money and care. poetryThe children go along, thinking that all will be ok, and before you know it, they are shackled to carpet looms or locked in a gunpowder room. Some families become indebted to factory owners, often promising their child’s labour in order to pay for a wedding or as a mortgage.
The worst forms of child labour include using children as slaves or prostitutes, forcing them to sell drugs or commit crimes, setting them on fire for fun, using them as soldiers in conflict situations and for other dangerous work like target practise. Often children found in these situations have been forced to do the work against their will.
All children deserve to grow up safe, to be healthy, to get an education, to rest and to play – but in reality, the right to a childhood has…