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By:Josh Cato
On September 6th, 2013 a man from the York County Sheriff’s Office came to speak with our class. His name was Michael Dean. Before he was a cop Officer Dean was a drill sergeant for the Marines. He told us that when being in the law enforcement field that we need to be the jack of all trades, never stick with one area when dealing with the field. Officer Dean is on the aggressive patrol team, he was a door kicker, and he was also on the dive team. On last Friday we learned how to be a first responder. We looked at many different crime scenes from a homicide by shooting someone to a suicide by hanging yourself and another by jumping off the river. We learned that the first thing a responder should do is preserve the scene. Until someone rules it isn’t a crime a scene, everything is considered a crime scene. Documenting a scene is something you need to start on; that and take a lot of pictures. Pictures say a million words when in court. Make a crime scene as big as possible, because you don’t know how big it actually is. You can scale down a crime scene as you are able to eliminate things as you move along. Do not let many people into a crime scene because it can contaminate the evidence. Make sure that there is an officer at the entry and exit point to document everybody that comes in and out, the time they were in the crime scene, their rank, and the department they are coming from. This will go to court so it is very important to have it. When a crime scene…