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Outcome 3
Assessment Criteria 1

It is important that parents/carers are treated as equals when it comes to their children. Good partnership with parents and carers is essential in meeting the child's needs and ensuring that parents are happy that their child is safe and being looked after to a high standard. When working as a childminder it is important to remember that the parents/carers are the primary carer and that the child may have never been without their parent/carer. Therefore they know the child best, and as a childminder I will need to communicate with the parent/carer to find the information out.
By keeping this in mind it may help addressing issues easier i.e. if a child's behaviour is not that or a 'normal' behaviour then talking to a parent/carer is vital in providing that child the help and support that they may need. The parent/carer will more than likely be aware of this, and it may be an upsetting subject, but by having a good relationship with parents/carers then they will understand where I coming from and they will trust what I am saying. Also any change in a child's behaviour may be down to a change in the home life, the only way of knowing this and how to deal with the behaviour is by having a good partnership with parents/carers.
Children from around 8months start to become weary of strangers. By having a good relationship with their parent/carer it can settle the child, because they can see that their parent/carer is comfortable with me this will then have a knock on effect and the child will feel more comfortable with me, because they know that their parent/carer knows me. This could help the child to settle in and be happy to stay with me whilst their parent/carer goes away.

Outcome 3
Assessment Criteria 2