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Outdoor Recreation
The Great Aussie Bush Camp
The Great Aussie Bush Camp facility is located in the area of Tea Garden and Hawks Nest (2 hours 40 minute travel from Liverpool). It is located in the midst of a truly unique and authentic Australian environment. The camp is located near the beautiful beaches of Port Stephens and Myall Lakes. It is a wonderful outdoor education and recreation learning environment. The camp provides a wide variety of onsite and offsite activities available to use.
The Great Aussie Bush Camp is one of NSW’s largest privately-owned and operated Outdoor education providers. The program provided is adjusted for content and challenge for the needs and abilities of every individual. They have a strict policy of ‘Challenge by choice’ meaning that everyone is encouraged to have a go, although, no one is forced. The activities provided are there to focus on team building, initiative and confidence.
My role as the supervisor
It is my duty as the supervisor to ensure the safety of all the students participating in the camp. In order for this to be achieved I need to ensure that: * There is correct parent/guardian consent * All students have completed a medical form including: * Medical conditions * Current medication * Medicare number, position on card * Emergency contact details * Dietary requirements * Swimming capabilities (strong, average, poor, non-swimmer) * Written list of camper names and information * Provide parents with assurance that I am qualified in first aid and will ensure the safety of their children. * Ensure that the activity list is included. Make parents aware that activities are planned with age and ability of the students involved.

Cost and Accommodation
The cost for the camp will be approximately $220. This includes the travel (bus), location, accommodation and use of assorted facilities. These facilities are modern, comfortable and well maintained. They provide tent style accommodation which is a permanently erected PVC tents with floors, doors, windows and bunk beds. There is lighting outside throughout the campsites.
Important rules of the camp * all activities must be supervised by a teacher/instructor * listen and follow all guidelines in order to ensure the greatest safety * closed in shoes and hats should be worn at all times * Respect the natural environment. Use the bins provided, don’t damage the bush. * NO pocket knives, glass, valuables, mobile phones, laptops and all other electronic devices (e.g. IPods), alcohol, drugs. Any found at the camp will be held for safekeeping until the conclusion of the trip.

Emergency management
Health, Safety and Medication
As the supervisor, I have First Aid and Resuscitation certificated. There is a first aid room on site. There is a 6monthly checks on all the first aid equipment and supplies by an external third party. As well as that, all activities and equipment is inspected at regular intervals throughout the year to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained. On camp there are procedure notices posted throughout the camp that will be explained to the students upon arrival. There is also a fire department 10 minutes away that is available in case of emergencies. On camp there are extinguishers and smoke detectors.
First Aid Kit includes: sterile gauze pads (various sizes), adhesive tape and bandages (several sizes), antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, Panadol or ibuprofen, tweezers, sharp scissors, safety pins, disposable instant cold packs, alcohol wipes, plastic non-latex gloves, flashlight, list of emergency phone numbers and any antibiotics needed by my campers
There is an ambulance service in Tea Gardens (10 mins) and Karuah (10 mins). The nearest hospital is Bulahdelah (20 minutes) and John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle (1 hour).

Food and Water
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