Outdoor Work Event Organization - Paintball (Process Explanation) Essay

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Process Explanation
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Outdoor Work Event Organization - Paintball

Have you ever thought of shooting your coworkers, or better yet your boss? You can gain those opportunities by organizing and participating in a company paintball event. Accidentally shooting someone on your team, in a declaration of friendly fire, might relieve some of that tension that has been building up from that annoying coworker. This event is a great way for everyone to relieve the tension and aggression we all feel at the workplace from time to time.

The first step is to locate a local field in your area that would support your event. Always check the internet for possible locations in your immediate area. The next thing you want to do is look at how many people you are going to be incorporating into that day. As always commit on a date that everyone can commit to. The use of public transportation might be necessary for some of your group members. I recommend car-pooling to the location. Consider the ratio of referees to players, quality of equipment rentals and the personality of the staff. During the weekends the playing fields are crowded so it would be best to have your event outside of the weekends. Most fields will open for a minimum of fifteen players. Price is also a consideration during planning and you should be aware that this is an expensive hobby if you want to really get in to it. You can expect to pay a minimum of $45.00 a person which can include a hot meal, paintballs, goggles, and a paintball gun for a four hour session.

Preferably, try to plan the outing when the weather is comfortable unless you are interested in fighting the elements for an added roleplaying experience. On the day of the event it is best to dress in layers to help with camouflage and also to reduce the sting from being hit with a paintball. The use of gloves and a hat or mask will help reduce the sting from headshots and hand shots since they tend to hurt the most. Wearing comfortable tennis shoes or boots with good ankle support is important. Most often the playing fields are on grass or dirt surfaces. Usually playing fields have food and drinks for sale but the field you are renting might have grills and refrigerators that you can use. Always bring lots of water, as dehydration is common for new players. Food catering is also an option.

The first stop after arriving at the field is the “Staging Area”. This area typically has tables to set your equipment on. After picking up the equipment from the staff, the referee will discuss how the paintball guns work, how to fill the hoppers with paintballs and most importantly safety issues. All guns will be inspected and put to a chronograph to insure no one is shooting over specified feet per second. Secondly, always make sure you are wearing goggles. Eye injuries are the biggest risk to playing paintball and wearing goggles will prevent incidents. Thirdly, keep the barrel plug in the gun until the game begins because you don’t want to accidentally pull the trigger and cause any coworker an injury.

The playing fields have different themes with the most common being speedball courses. These courses have tires or tubes for bunkers. After walking to the playing field, everyone is given armbands to wear which have a different color depending on which team you are assigned. Each team then heads to the opposite ends of the playing field. Organization is a key factor to successfully winning a match. Corporate teambuilding is vital in today’s business model. Communication, strategic planning, leadership, time and resource management, flexible problem solving and adapting to a changing battle field are all involved in your teams’ success.

Be certain everyone on the team knows which bunker they are going to. Most of the