Outliers Malcolm Gladwell Analysis

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In today’s society it seems as if behind every successful celebrity, entrepreneur, musician, or even mathematician is an inspiring backstory about how they rose from seemingly nothing and made themselves the prosperous figure they are today. From Tom Cruise to Oprah Winfrey, uplifting tales of success follow the celebrities like shadows well be beyond their career and act as a symbol to their strength and independence. However, Malcolm Gladwell believes that these stories should not be viewed as the sorrowing challenges that they overcame—these stories should be seen as the advantages that propelled the successful and allowed them to get where they are today. In other words, these heartfelt stories about a difficult past should be seen as advantageous instead of diminishing to their career. They teach valuable life lessons that ultimately empower …show more content…
Although it is easy to assume that some prosperous people have built themselves up without any help—it is hard to believe that there was not at least one circumstance, family aid, or perhaps a desire to work hard that fueled their success. It may take some examination to identify the point at which a person was helped along the way, however, even through pure luck advantages may occur. This is what Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers is all about—uncovering the aspects that acted as a major advantage to the people that made it to the very top of the pyramid. After all, one cannot make it to the top without a few building blocks to build