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Beautiful Trouble: “The Couple In The Cage” Outline

*Explain Project
*Explain Piece

Related Tactics:
*Compare Invisible Theater to “The Couple in the Cage”
*Compare Hoax tactic to “The Couple in the Cage”
*Contrast Hoax tactic to CIC
*Determine which tactic aligned best with CIC

Related Principles: A major principle that was used in the couple in the cage was the show, don’t tell them principle. This principle focuses on using metaphors and visuals in order to convey a message instead of “preaching”. Society has been preached at for decodes on major issues such as racism. The problem with preaching to society is that the people don’t care to listen. They need to be showed. They need see it to believe. The use of this principle by displaying racism has had a much bigger influence on society than a few lectures that state factual information. Facts are meant to support the story shown by the display, not to build the actual story. The couple in the cage also used the “The Real Action is in your Audience’s Reaction” by having the audience actually participate in their performance and record their reactions and the way they behaved towards the display.

Related Theories:

The Couple in the Cage used the action logic theory in order to create a more power influence on the people. Instead of the artists telling the public about the current existence of racism towards non –western cultures, they decided to show them; resulting in a much bigger impact. The action logic theory focuses on using actions in order to communicate with the world. They use the actions speak louder than words phenomenon. However, a negative consequence of this theory is that it could sometimes be too direct and could result in broken laws. Never the less, the theory was considered to be one of the most effective ways to grasp the public’s attention. Another theory that resembles the action logic theory is that theater of the oppressed theory. This theory is similar to the action logic theory because it not puts societal struggles