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The marketing mix of juice company: Boost Juice.
The Boost Juice is a worldwide chain of retail outlets founded in the year 2000 by Allis. This company is located globally and specializes in selling fruit juice. It has its headquarters in Chadstone of Melbourne in the Australia, had opened up 26 outlets in United States, during four months period of running. Since its establishment, the main product(fresh juices) of the company is produced to suit the health needs of the array client.

Research Amin
The purpose of this report is to analysis target customers’ needs in developing marketing approach and evaluate the strengths and weakness of Boost Juice Company. Main sections
The marketing mix is an organizational framework that helps marketers’ decision-making to satisfy the array client needs. These strategies are known as the 4ps that play a significant part in the successful running of a business such as Juice Company, the 4ps elements are Product, Price, Place and Promotions.

Product of Boost Juice
Boost Juice has introduced more than 20 delicious juices, smoothies, crushes, which are nutritional, all at least 98% fat free and prepared fresh daily in store. This company has been known for its key products including ice cream and health-based juice.

Place of Boost Juice
Warning expand too quickly

Meeting customers’ needs play a significant part of market approach, the main product of Boost Juice produced with nutrition is designed to suit