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Adam Walsh Murder
By: Lauren N. & Robbyn T.
July 27th, 1981
Mrs. Walsh & Adam were shopping at a local sears store.
Adam stops and plays video games with other children with permission from Reve
Mrs. Walsh goes to leave and cannot find Adam
Mrs. Walsh and store employees search for an hour before calling police
Police were slow in treating Adam as a missing person
Thought Adam was possibly still in the store with the other children.
John Walsh
Is the child’s own father.
Was considered the first prime suspect
Was ruled not a suspect a week later
Jeffrey dahmer
Was in the area at time of kidnapping
Had already been suspected of few kidnappings
Otis Toole
Was at the front of the sears store the afternoon Adam went missing.
August 10th, 1981
The head of Adam was found 100 miles from the mall by a Canal fisherman.
Cause of death was determined as asphyxiation and decapitation happened after.
The body of Adam was never found.
The Abduction & Murder
Toole Lured Adam to his Cadillac using promises of toys and candy. then proceeded to drive north on Interstate 95 toward his home in Jacksonville.
Adam began to panic as they drove on. Toole punched Walsh in the face. he then "walloped him unconscious" and proceeded to choke him to death.
Toole drove to a deserted service road and decapitated Walsh with a machete.
Toole later claimed to have disposed of Adam's body by incinerating it in an old refrigerator when he returned to Jacksonville.
Proceeded to drive around with Adam's head in his Cadillac for days.
Said he forgot it was in there.
Ottis Toole
Was deemed mentally challenged as a child.
Mother use to dress him up as a girl and call him Susan.
Claimed his maternal grandmother was a Satanist, and often practiced on him.
Also suffered from epilepsy
Was sexually aroused by fire.
Claimed to have committed his first murder at 14.
Had admitted to 100 other murders, witch have not been corroborated by police.
October 1983
Toole confessed to being Adam's