Outline: Charaters a. Gilgamesh Essay

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Gilgamesh Outline
I. Charaters A. Gilgamesh 1. King of Uruk 2. 2/3 god and 1/3 man 3. Very strong and good-looking 4. Gods favored him, because he was flawless 5. Fights the giant, Humbaba 6. Wants immortality B. Enkidu 1. Gilgamesh's friend 2. Sidekick in the epic 3. Goes on a journey with Gilgamesh 4. Fights the giant Humbaba with Gilgamesh 5. Very brave and bold 6. Dies at the end when he has a dream C. Humbaba 1. Giant 2. Gaurds the Cedar Forest 3. Is defeated by Gilgamesh and Enkidu D. Utnapishtim 1. Tells Gilgamesh if he can stay awake for a week, he will receive immortality 2. Gilgamesh falls asleep 3. His wife bakes a bread for each day Gilgamesh slept 4. Ea tells him to build a boat 5. There will be a floor that destroys a city 6. Gilgamesh asks him how to find the plant that will grant him immortality E. Ishtar 1. Goddess of love 2. Anu's daughter 3. Sends an attack to Gilgamesh F. Enlil 1. God of the storm 2. Creates a flood
II. Summary A. Gilgamesh and Enkidu 1. Steal trees from the Cedar Forest 2. Mortals may not enter the Cedar Forest 3. Humbabagaurds the forest, and fights the two 4. The two defeat the giant Humbaba B. Enkidu 1. Becomes ill 2. Has dreams of the underworld 3. Dies 4. Gilgamesh denies his death until a maggot falls out of Enkidu's nose C. Gilgamesh 1. Has much grief over Enkidu 2. Does not want to die himself 3.…