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Canada is a suitable country to live Nowadays, every country has its own identity. With globalization, the citizens of every country can freely choose where they live. Some people choose America because this country is very free; some people like China because of Chinese history and food. In my opinion, Canada is a suitable country to live because of special culture, complex geography, and reasonable policy.
First of all, Canada is a suitable country to live because Canada is cultural mosaic. Canadians come from different countries. Some Canadians come from England, France and America. Some people who lived in China immigrated to Canada. People living in Canada can possess different religion. Some people believe in Islam, some people believe Buddhism and some people believe in Catholicism. Although people possess different belief, they can live together without argument, because people themselves respect other people who have different religion with them. Canadians can speak different language. In Canada, the first language is English, and the second language is France. A lot of people can speak Cantonese or other language, so even though people are not good at one language, they also can communicate with others in other language, but everyone necessarily understand English. Despite coming from different country, speaking different language and possessing different belief, people living in Canada will have a harmonious environment. Furthermore, Canada is a nice country to live because of diverse geography. Different cities have different weather and climate. In Toronto, it almost is winter all the year round so the weather is very cold in hardly a year but if you go to Vancouver, it almost is spring all the year round, so people can choose the weather they like. There are also a lot of trees in Canada. Most cities in Canada are the city in the park so that the environment is very beautiful. In addition, in Canada, there are different kinds of city. For example, if people