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Mrs. Brown
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Attention getter: It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. ~Attributed to Harry S Truman
I. Introduction: A test that determines a child’s future in education and places them on a certain track has been taking over the countries by storm. This process has taken over countries such as Germany and parts of the UK. These countries have replaced comprehensive schools that are normally mixed with a wide range of students into groups that separate the less intelligent from the highly intelligent. This leaves the more attentive children to go to universities when they turn 18 and the less attentive to go to work at the age 15 or 16. However, it seems that those students who are placed in different schools and are enrolled in higher classes that help them surpass the education requirements, helps them prepare for better opportunities in the future. Although, these teens/children are placed in these classes to help their future, they do not give teens at the ages of 15/16 opportunities to keep receiving education. Those adolescents placed in specialized classes are proven to have a better future than teens that are placed in comprehensive schools.
II. Source E:
New vision needed for selective schooling A) Selective schooling a school which divides students based on their knowledge at a young only focuses on the knowledge and skills they known then and does not take in consideration the ability the student has to grow. B) Quote: in the article New Vision Needed for Selective Schooling Philippia Stewert says, “I have no doubt the children he teaches are polite and capable, but this doesn't alter the fact that the selection process favors bright children who attend coaching colleges at the expense of bright children who are not coached” (Source A). C) Explain: When all the brilliant kids got put in the selective schooling, it marked the less intelligent children as failures all from one single test at a young age, affecting their lives and the education they receive. D) While the kids in selective schooling get the most attention when it comes to their education. Teacher’s neglect the children in the other schools that need the help, marking them for failure in their education.
III.Source F:
"Comprehensive Ideals Comprehensive Dangers” Director of the Department of Education Studies: Spring 1999. Educational Reform 21.Web.10 Apr. 2012. A) In this article, it explains on how selective education goes as far as the 1960s to the 1970s and how the testing is uncivilized and unfair, knowing that the kids are tested at such a young age. B) Quote: In the article Comprehensive ideals, Comprehensive Danger, Professor Richard states, “There is no way in which you can identify a fixed intelligence at a young age. One needs a system which reflects the capacity "to acquire intelligence" at different stages of life” C) Explanation: the brain keeps developing as you get older and I know to not be developed till the age of 23. So when testing a child at a young age they are not only limiting…