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Speech Outline
Sleep Cycle
Zach Jackson
I. Introduction
A. How many hours of sleep do you get per night? Is it enough?
B. Sleep is something that we all need, and is one of the top three most important routines in your life
C. What I’m going to do is explain what exactly happens when you’re asleep and also try to help you understand how much you need.
1. The national average is 8.6 hours
2. The average for college students is 6.5
II. Sleep Cycles (Stages)
A. NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement)
1. Stage 1
a) Occurs for approx. 75% of the night
(1) You are still semi-conscious during this state
(2) May take longer depending on what environment you’re in and how relaxed you are
2. Stage 2
(1) Awareness of surroundings drops sharply
(2) Body temperature and heart rate both drop.
3. Stage 3 & 4
(1) Starting to fall into a deep sleep, muscles are in relaxed state, body starts to repair itself, and replenish energy, development of body occurs including hormone growth and stimulation
A REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)
4. Occurs for approx. 25% of the night
a) Eyes move rapidly back and forth beneath eyelids
b) Deepest stage of sleep where all external sense are almost completely disengaged

C) Things such as sleep walking, and sleep talking can occur
B. Final REM
1. Lucid Dreaming occurs
2. Respiration rate and blood pressure rises
3. Brain function is elevated which muscles are completely relaxed and voluntary muscles paralyzed
4. Will occur approx. 60-90 minutes after