Outline For The Aeneid Essay

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Alexander Valentin
Hum 2220- Justin Ryals

Thesis: The civil war’s that occurred during Virgil’s life, and Augustus’s supposed greatness, had pivotal impacts on his work.
I) Virgil studied all over Italy
a) A literary genius
II) The Aeneid embodied Roman life
a) Constant warfare
b) Endless struggles for power
III) War constantly caused Virgil to move.
a) Virgil could not stay in his home where he was born
b) In the Aeneid many wanted to abandon the journey.
IV) Lack of clarity on Aeneas
a) Aeneas transformation from righteous defender to being vulnerable to emotion
V) Virgil and much of Roman lives affected by war
a) Unable to shed bloodstained history/identity
b) Rulers are at fault rather than having a republic

Alexander Valentin
Hum 2220- Justin Ryals

Rome through Virgil’s Eyes

The Aeneid is one of the greatest literary works constructed, and amazingly, nearly never saw the light of day. The Aeneid survived its author, Virgil, and would go on
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When Crassus, a longtime ally of Caesar, was killed in battle, a series of wars were set in motion shortly after. The first of several was Caesar igniting, and eventually defeating Pompey in a civil war. Rome was not long for peace, as Caesar was murdered by Brutus and Cassius. War would begin again between Brutus and Cassius (who were members of the senate) and a new Triumvate that was formed between Octavian (Caesar’s adopted son), Antony and Lepidus. Following many victories, and a lust for power, Lepidus was excluded from the renewal of the coalition and banished. Antony would fall in love with a former lover of Caesar’s, Cleopatra, which would eventually do to her actions, would cause Octavian to declare war on her. Octavian would defeat the duo, and eventually claim the title of Augustus. Throughout his life, Virgil’s work would often be disrupted by the many