Strategies For Intrinsic Motivation For Students

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Intrinsic motivation for students

Strategies For Enhancing Motivation:

1)Challenge Them: asasphere (Tj Ragan MA, CCC (April 5, 2011)
Offer student opportunities so that they take real challenges. Encourage them to take intellectual risks. This gives students an opportunity to discover the relationship between effort and success; between success and motivation, and to develop higher self-concept. If the students do not see the need to make an effort they sometimes will not bother to make one. Even amazing students are not motivated to achieve if the work is too easy. Students are excited by challenges and so they do it more willingly and with a better attitude.

2) Offer Choices:
Offering choices develops ownership. When the student makes decisions he or she is more likely to accept ownership & control of the results. This sense of control promotes responsibility. When the control belongs to the teacher so does the ownership. When children are offered opportunities to make decisions they learn a great deal about the consequences of their choices. They also learn to value themselves and their own decision-making ability.

3) Teach Them How to Make Their Tasks More Manageable:
Narrowing or broadening the topic to a challenging but manageable size is very important for developing motivation. Not only is this is a great problem solving strategy, but it is also an essential life skill. Children need to know how they can make their own activities more manageable. Even the most challenging tasks can be made more manageable by breaking them down into smaller parts and then prioritizing the steps. As each small part is achieved a measure of success is attained. As the successes mount up students begin to recognize their own enthusiasm for learning.

4) Offer Open-ended Activities to Develop Creativity:
Give them opportunities and strategies to develop their creativity.
Students perform with higher motivation when their creativity is engaged. Challenge students to construct original and creative products to support their written reports.

5) Role Models
Some apparently unmotivated student are not really unmotivated but are motivated to follow an inappropriate model. Teachers can become role models for students, and parents should want to fill this role for their children

I used my own opinions in making this paper, by my own knowledge and common sense.
My outline includes me using methods that are great for students to become motivated. I preferred to use students to make a method of motivation because I can really make the paper personal and add my input in what motivates me. I know that with students it is harder to stay motivated when you are overwhelmed with so many obligations. My outline is showing that when we are offered other ways of completing something, or when you