Outline: Nutrition and Unhealthy Eating Lifestyle Essay

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Michelle Olmedo
COMS 151/L 8-9:15 MON/WED
19 March 2015
Informative Speech Outline

I. Freshmen 15. We have all heard of this term and for many of us have pondered to think if it is real and if we are going thru it.
1. Being in college we are exposed to many different aspect privileges we did not have when we were young.
a. If we are hungry or have the muchies we always have a fast food restaurant and high calorie snacks that we can go to.
b. College offers many temptations. You're on your own and free to eat what you want, when you want it. You can pile on the portions in the dining hall, eat dinners of french fries and ice cream, and indulge in sugary and salty snacks to fuel late-night study sessions.
d. In addition, you may not get as much exercise as you did in high school.
2. I am Michelle Olmedo and as a college student I tend to eat unhealthy food.
3. Trying to eat healthier is a problem that not only I deal with but as well other college students.
4. Today I will inform you on college eating habits and the impact they have toward school, sleep, and health.
II. Your eating habits have a great correlation with academic work.
1. In a study conducted by LA Weekly, The top five food choices college students usually eat are Cereal, Pizza, Mac n’ cheese, Hot Pockets, and Ramen Noodles
a. According to Dr. Paul J. Veugelers of the University of Alberta in Edmonton “students who ate the right amounts of fiber, vegetables, proteins and fruits did better academically.
b. The correlation between test grades and nutrition suggests that food choices make students smarter in testing situations.
2. Students who didn't eat enough healthy food did the worst on tests compared to their peers.
a. With eating unhealthy food or no food at all you are lowering the chances of doing better on school work.
b. Doing better at work mean passing classes and being closer to graduating and getting a degree.
3. Before any test or school work try at least eating any type of fruit or vegetable. Find the one you most like and start there.
a. How many of you like berries?
1. Berries are a fruit that can benefit us. Raspberries and blueberries contain compounds that protect brain neurons linked to memory. Strawberries’ have compounds that build long-term memory strength.
b. A combination of studying and eating properly will increase your ability to do better.
III. The relationship between sleep patterns and eating habits could affect fat-burning systems that regulate weight.
1. The Journal of Sleep Medicine published a study in which the relationship between poor sleep and eating habits was examined.
a. The research found that “poor sleep quality and short duration promoted negative eating behaviors such as emotional eating and binge eating.”
2. We have all had or attempted to have an “all nighter”.
a. In the process of cramming information or writing a paper that’s due, we tend to get hungry.
b. At this time is where we go around looking for left overs, chips, candy, basically anything that can tame the hunger and anxiety.
3. In this process is where we stuff ourselves with any junk food we find and energy drinks that hopefully help us stay up.
a. The combination of these two increases weight and decreases the sleep that is needed.
b. Sleep is needed for rest of our body and brain
c. With sleeping our brain processes all the information and retains it.
d. If we stay up all night cramming and stuffing ourselves with food and energy drink, which cause us to be sleep deprives, we really aren’t helping ourselves.
IV. The unhealthy eating lifestyle has health consequences today and in the future.
1. Most of the compulsive eating is directly related to stress.
a. People sometimes eat in response to anxiety, homesickness, sadness, or stress.
b. The consumptions of greasy high calorie foods, due to stress, has the side effect of leaving you feeling lazy.
c. This as well leads to negative