Essay about Outline: Photography and Andy Goldsworthy

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Reaction Paper
Man Ray

In this photo, the female’s eyes are looking up in to the distance, and only her forehead fit in to the frame instead of showing her hair. The subject has drops of water on her face, and dots of her eyelashes. The tear drops remind me of a drying oasis in the desert. The repeating pattern of circles paired with the black and white tonality of the composition emphasizes her sadness and despair. For these reasons, I think this image is very surreal. Man Ray caught the emotional moment of his subject in this portrait.

David LaChapelle

This photo looks like a short part of a commercial or music video. I found it really interesting that he set up the concept in his studio. The vibrant colors and the image of a volcano are really strong but these things are also funny because they are not realistic. The volcano and trees are easily recognizable as a miniature model. However, the rapper Kanye West and the singer Lady Gaga he holds are very serious looking. The world shown in this photo is both a spectacle and an enjoyable image.

Andy Goldsworthy

Goldsworthy creates his own image by using things from nature. There is a lot of use of nature in the commercial and fashion industry. In this picture, however, Andy does not just use nature as a photograph but he proves that nature also has its own feeling and expression. This photo has its own story; it reminds me of a scene from a fairy tale story. The color scheme is really warm and it shows the most beautiful part of autumn.

Eugenio Recuenco

In this photo, Eugenio creates the feeling of drama or a movie scene. The man who stands to the left of the sleeping woman seems surprised because he meets her in an unexpected place. The moonlight shining through the trees