Outline: United States Marine Corps and Combat Conditioning Program Essay

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Oral Presentation Maintain Physical Fitness MCCS-IND-1005

General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the importance in maintaining physical fitness
Central Idea: Three components of an effective Combat Conditioning Program expected for U.S. Marines.

Introduction: In the Marine Corps we are push to our limits in our strength and stamina on a weekly basics. Regardless every Marine most be physically fit regardless of age, grade, or duty assignment. Within the Marines we participate daily in unit physical fitness, the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and Combat Fitness Test (CFT) required in the Marines Corps this is what makes us The Few The Proud The Marines.Today i will be discuss the role that of maintaining physical fitness.

The importance in maintaining physical fitness which includes Unit Physical Training, Physical Fitness Training (PFT), and Combat Fitness Training (CFT).

A. Every Marine most be physically fit regardless of age, grade, or duty assignment. 1. Self disciple and personal commitment are required to maintain high level of physical fitness. 2. Marines who are not physically fit are damaged and reduce from the combat readiness of their unit.

B. The Marines program consist of organizational and individual combat conditional program. which are Physical Training Test, Combat Training Test , and Remedial Conditioning Program.

1. The Combat Conditioning Program develops every Marine to perform job required garrison, training in combat. 2. Combat Conditioning Program promotes overall health and wellness to every Marine. This consist of regular exercises proper nutrition health education and physical and combat evaluation.

In order to have a successful Combat Conditioning Program commanding officers /officers in charge, Combat Conditioning instructors and/or command physical training representatives and enlisted Marines most follow guidelines within the program.

1.Commanders/officers in charge have the responsibility of developing, implementing, and managing the organizational Combat Conducting Program.

a. Marines will perform at least five combat conditioning sessions, of 30 minutes duration, per week. Commanders/ officers will asses the effectiveness of their Combat Conducting Program through physical fitness and combat fitness tests.

2. Combat instructors or command physical training representatives are responsible for the development, management and supervision of the organizational.

Combat conditioning instructors or command physical training representatives are responsible for coordinating and supervising the execution of regularly schedule organizational semi-annual PFTs and CFTs.
Combat conditioning instructors or command physical training have the responsibilities that may include, but not be limited to the following:

1.select and train PFT/CFT monitors, as required. 2.select CFT location. 3.select PFT route. 4.Conduct PFT and CFT (ORM) evaluations in accordance with reference (3). 5.Document and record PFT/CFT evaluation performance data. 6.Manage and maintain PFT/CFT documentation in accordance with reference (4).

Marines must be physical fit, regardless of age, grade or duty assignment.

a.Marines are responsible on complying with the standards and requirements containing this order. b.Marines will participate in an affective organizational and/ or individual Combat Conditioning Program continuously and progressively basis.

Transition: At this moment lets take a closer look organizational Combat Conditioning Programs.
II.Marines are believed to be the most physical fit in the U.S. branches

A. Organizational Combat Conditioning Program addresses the