Outline of Week Five Essay

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Outline of Week Five
Cynthia O’Brien
COM200 Interpersonal Communication (ACM1546D)
Instructor: Reginald Doctor
December 7. 2015

Congratulations Allan and Jennifer this letter is to help you learn essential communication skills. With education and learning interpersonal communication skills, I hope to pay it forward so you and Jennifer will not end up in the statistics of a failed marriage. As you may know, educators are focusing on communication skills personal and professional. This letter will go over core competencies to keep the doors of communication open at all times. By identifying barriers to effective interpersonal interactions, the process of self-concept developing and maintaining strategies for managing
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Although the quality of communication is expressed differently from study to study, research has shown again and again an association between happy marriages and self-disclosure, sharing your feelings of uncertainties and reservations with your partner this association was evaluated to a higher marital quality (Schoenberg, 2011). I hope you and Jennifer have a long-lasting marriage and a happy one with years of communication. Now with learning the process of self-concept and efficient interpersonal skills that are essential as well as listening and self-disclosure. This will make your partner feel special because this is information that you have chosen only to share with them. There is a broad range of communication levels and skills. However learning when to use the different skills and the appropriate person to use them with and to what ability you will use your new communication skillfulness. This proficiency not only will help your marriage they will also help professionally.

I had my references set up for my final paper as I was doing research so they would be organized I hope it is okay these are going to be the recommendations for my last assignment.

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