Essay Outlines: Museo Del Prado and Samantha Wonderlich Fun

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Samantha Wonderlich
Fun Project, June 19, 2012
Three Images Liked * The Calling of St. Matthew (pg. 723) * Painted by Caravaggio * Located in the Contarelli Chapel, Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, Rome * The dramatic contrast in the lights and darks in this painted just astound me. I love how everyone is looking at the man who has walked in (believed to be Jeasus) yet the light from the window about his head and all the fingures are pointed at Matthew. It looks so “modern” of the time it was painted (1599-1600) that it seems to me it could have been any average day that this calling happened. * Lady Sarh Bunbury Sacrificing to the Graces (pg. 922) * Painted by Reynolds * Located at the Art Institute of Chicago * The ability to combined the classical history with peoples portrates is quite unique. In this paining Lady Sarah is figured as a high priestess making a sacrifice to the three fates painted in the slight background. Her eyes looking up towards the fates as if her very eyes are making the plea for her. One of the fates’ hands is pointing in Lady Sarah’s direction as if ignologing her sacrifice even before she makes it. This very story is told with a painted look and an unwritten idea of the past. * Mary Magdalen with the Smoking Flame (pg. 761) * Painted by Georges de La Tour * Located in Los Angeles County Museum of Art * It seems I am drawn to paintings where the contrast of light and dark is extremely dramatic. This painting of Mary Magdalen is a classic example of a light and dark contrast. La Tour has the light emanating from a source inside the painting itself. The smoke drifts upward towards the top of the painting while Mary stares intently at the candle. One of her hands is placed on top of a skull establishing a sign of mortality in the painting.
Three Images Disliked * Deposition (pg. 578) * Painted by Rogier van der Weyden * Located Museo del Prado, Madrid on an altarpiece commissioned by the crossbowmen’s guild * Though this piece depicts a crucial moment in the catholic faith I feel the painting is overly crowded and the people are in appropriate. Their…