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Critical Reading
Summarize: to give a comprehensive and usually brief recapitulation of what you see, hear or read. Esteban is a Mexican baseball player on a young team. The head coach of the baseball team is racist against Mexicans. In chapter fourteen of the book Outrage by Robert K. Tannenbaum it starts off when the twins finish baseball practice and are arguing if the coach told Chase to slide into Esteban on purpose. Zac argues with his brother Giancarlo on how the coach did not purposely tell Chase to slide into Esteban. Zac says that Giancarlo is just “overreacting” but Giancarlo is still pleading that the coach set this plan up. Giancarlo brings up the time in the locker room where Esteban was being taunted with name calling. Zac replies with “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will” “Never hurt me” replies Giancarlo. Giancarlo tries to get Zac to see the point, but he is still not understanding what Giancarlo means. Moishe Sobelman interrupts the boys in the middle of their argument and brings them behind the counter of a coffee shop to discuss their fight. Sobelman grabs the boy’s two coffee cakes and lets them finish before he brings up what the fight happen to be about. Sobleman listens quietly to both sides of the story and responded gently. Sobleman brings up the Holocaust and how no one stood up for the Jews that were being punished. Zac listens to Sobleman and when he finishes Zac asks what this has to do with the baseball team? Sobleman goes on to tell Zac that terrible things may start out small but will eventually grow too much worse. Zac wonders why Esteban won’t tell his parents about the bullying until Giancarlo brings up that his parents are from Mexico and Esteban is here on a scholarship so his parents are probably more afraid to speak up than Esteban is. Giancarlo and Zac come up with the plan to go talk to Max and Chase and get them to “lay off”. The beginning of chapter nineteen starts off telling the reader that Zac had broken his hand knocking Max Weller to the ground in defense of his brother and Esteban. Both Max and Zac’s injuries took them out of the play offs, until the word got back to their parents and the athletic director. Weller and his group were kicked off the team and the coach had been fired. Esteban Gonzalez received an honorable mention to the all-tournament team for his play. Zac had taken the injury hard and had to undergo two surgeries to make sure the bones were set right. Zac went