Essay on Outsourcing: Business Process Outsourcing and Best Shore

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My knowledge and opinion of outsourcing was certainly limited and bias before taking courses in supply chain management. In addition to my poor opinions based on my thought that every business I call must have moved its call centers to non English speaking countries and NIKE shoes are no longer made in America, I had no clear understanding of outsourcing and why businesses were choosing to move our jobs! In this paper I will describe a company that relies on global sourcing, show how my opinion of outsourcing has greatly improved and identify what I have learned can be applied to real life situations when working anywhere along the supply chain.
I found it suitable to find an IT company to research and write this paper on since my opinion of outsourcing began with call centers. According to the author, and based on researchers on outsourcing, one of the first questions asked is, “does low price mean low quality?” My answer would have been a resounding, YES. Sadly my only reason for that yes would have been because the representatives on the call center lines have an accent that was hard for me to understand, therefore the quality of their work was poor and indeed they do not make much money and that further proved that the workers and the quality of work was poor. In summary, here I am a professional worker, a college student and would say I am a person of good character and yet I passed judgment on another worker based on their accent. Learning just one piece about outsourcing; the fact that low price does not mean low quality opens up my mind to receive what outsourcing is really about. “One example a Texas-based EDS, which is a leading global services company with annual earnings in excess of £11 billion, the company established its first offshore facility in 1990.

The Best Shore initiative was launched in 2002 and integrates EDS’s worldwide network of delivery capabilities to provide seamless onshore/near-shore/offshore application development and management services at competitive prices. EDS places work on the ‘best shore’ where it has developed capabilities which match the technology/industry…