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Guide to an Outstanding Discussion Board Thread

1. Read your assignment carefully for content related requirements. Let’s look at the example below. Note that it does not ask for a vague opinion, but requires that your answer be based upon: * Five developmental theories found in your reading assignment. * Information found in reading and presentations related to human development. * Your Christian/Other worldview – this implies that you understand your worldview and clearly define how it relates to the theories discussed.

2. Don’t forget to note your due dates.


Discussion Board Forum 1
Topic: We like to have things in systems and theories. It gives us a framework to work with as we try to understand
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Makes understanding impossible. | 75 | | | | | Total Score | 88 |

4. Let’s take a moment now to look at each of the grading criteria:

Critical Thinking: Focuses on the four items listed: content, thought, insight and analysis. A critical thinker goes beyond simply repeating information they are “fed” and are able to use the information through a process of assimilation, synthesis and analysis. A critical thinker focuses on facts as opposed to opinion, biases, thoughts, feelings, etc. A critical thinker expresses these thoughts concisely and with clarity. A critical thinker always avoids unsubstantiated opinion and “fluff” in all forms.

Connections: Staying on topic is the key concern here. Do draw in related experiences and thoughts, but always make sure you stay within the boundaries of the assignment. For example, if your assignment asks you to evaluate the impact of religion on teens in our culture, simply sharing your personal testimony is not appropriate. It may be used as an example, but it will not serve as the “meat” of your thread.

Uniqueness: Strive to take your topic and “turn it on its head.” Think of different perspectives that may exist. Find a new way to express your thoughts. Don’t rely on clichés or worn out statements. Dare to show your creativity. Timeliness: This is self-explanatory. Post your thread on time and set a goal for yourself of posting responses early enough to make