Over Population In Bangladesh Essay

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There are several countries in the world, which deserve the highest population. Combining India, China and Bangladesh contains world’s one third population. Bangladesh is one of the highest density populated country .In one square km almost 992 people live in Bangladesh (National Census, 2011).As a result of having over population, there has been an enormous number of effects e.g. unemployment, low wages, less opportunities, larger gap between rich and poor and others .Recently, natural disasters have called on some problems such as shortages of accommodation, food, crop land which are driving this country into the cycle of poverty. This essay will discuss the effect of over population and the natural disaster in Bangladesh.
According to the Census 2011 Bangladesh is a habitat of more than 18 million people, whereas the dimension of it is just 1, 47,512 square km. So it can be said that the Bangladesh is having more than double population than its ability. Thus led this country to suffer from some problems. Firstly, shortages of food and land. More people need more land to live. Therefore agricultural land has been using for accommodation. Due to the decrease of croplands, food safety is in danger. Famine, poor nutrition is being seen as a consequence that are leading this country to have feeble population. Secondly, arising number of unemployment population turning this country to a conflict society. As a result, more violence, bribery, corruption, loss of moral values has been growing rapidly. Finally, the power and control are in a few