A Brief Note On Emotional Intelligence

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David Cosford
Unit 9 Project

I feel that these skills play a crucial role in my life due to my own personal journey as a better person both physically and spiritually. As I have been reading Emotional
Intelligence (D.Goleman, 1995), I find myself identifying with the sort of awareness and insights that are present and I can honestly say that I have been accused my whole life of being to emotional or deemed the sensitive one. I had a rough upbringing and I was very negative in my social life. Distant, angry but this somehow managed to help me view things differently as I matured and came into my own as a responsible adult. I was not aware that this other natural instinct was looked at as a viable form of intellect.
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My physical activities are limited due to my foot problems. I injured my right growth plate as a teenager and it never healed correctly. I did not receive the proper care at the time so it did not heal correctly. (Howley, Franks, 2007)
Individual health status . I am awaiting news on the surgical/medical steps that need to be taken in order to provide me relief from the current physical ailments I suffer. I suffered a growth plate injury as teenager and I have endured almost 20 years of pain and discomfort due to improper treatment. A Growth Plate fracture affects the growth center of a bone that is not yet fully developed which is constantly weakened due to its state of change and development that determines the length and shape of the bone. This weakened state allows the higher probability of damage that can be done to the affected area. Every long bone in our bodies has a growth plate at the end and in my case the tibia or lower leg and the area connecting to my ankle is where the growth plate fracture took place. The growth plate is not yet hardened so its vulnerability comes from its soft state making it the weakest area on a growing skeleton. (American Fitness July/August 2010)
What I would want out of an effective exercise leader is an enthusiastic and sincere reason why they have chosen my program to work with and how they can help me in achieving it. A