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The Overall Success of Electronic Devices in Schools
Zanayvia Cook
Mod 1
Ms. Strickland

What is the overall success of electronic devices in classrooms/ schools. People all around are asking this interesting question, they want to also seek to find the answer to the question above. What makes this topic most interesting is that it has two answers, a negative as well as a positive impact in classrooms. Also I have my own perspective to tell what I have observed within the couple of years as well as other pieces of information and pictures I have found on the internet. To be completely honest I think that that it’s kind of cool to have a school that uses electronic devices once in a while but it’s another thing when the child is completely little to none work. Teens are becoming more and more attracted to their devices now days and just because they have their electronic devices. Their attention has focused mainly on their device, its upsetting to know that the students may be in the risk of staying back or not being able to graduate because they want to base everything on the electronic device. Then the students start getting upset when they find out they might be or are staying back I honestly don’t get it. I feel if you don’t want to learn than its no point of coming to take up space. As we get deeper into the research paper we will discover a answer to the following question.

First off I would like to thank Ms. Strickland ever since I walked into room 208 she has done nothing but prepare me as well as everyone else in her classes. Everything Ms. Strickland has done, throughout the months was guide me to where I really want to go in life. Being as though I want to become a journalist or also known as a writer I really